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Tower Garden

Tower Garden HOME Growing System (No Lights)

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Easily grow greens and herbs indoors. Tower Garden HOME comes with everything you need to begin growing up to 32 plants now.  Eating healthy just got a whole lot simpler.

Due to safeguards in place to protect our employees, you may experience longer than normal shipping times. Orders placed today are expected to ship within 7-10 days of the order date. 

  • A variety of starter seeds.
  • Seed starting supplies, including germination tray, rockwool cubes, vermiculite and net pots
  • Pump, timer, drain tube and water monitor
  • Tower Garden Mineral Blend plant food (1 qt. each) and measuring cup*
    (Shipping restrictions in HI and PR require special handling of liquids)
  • pH test kit and one bottle each of pH up/down adjusters**
    (Shipping restrictions in HI and PR require special handling of liquids)

    *Tower Garden Mineral Blend is only available in gallon containers in Hawaii and must be purchased separately. Please call Tower Garden Customer Care at 1-866-235-0414 for more details and ordering instructions.

    **Tower Garden Mineral Blend & pH adjusters will not ship with your growing unit in Puerto Rico. Customers will be contacted separately to confirm delivery of liquids. Please call Tower Garden Customer Care at 1-866-235-0414 for more details and ordering instructions.
  • Made from high-quality, USDA-approved, UV-stabilized, food-grade plastic
  • Dimensions: 58"x 24" x 24" inches


Growing Tower Garden

I'll try and answer some common questions.

How many plants can Tower Garden grow?

The number of plants your garden can grow depends on which Tower Garden growing system you use an which type of garden you grow.

Tower Garden HOME holds up to 32 plants.Tower Garden FLEX holds up to 20 plants — whether you’re growing vegetables, herbs, fruits or flowers. With an extension kit, you can as many as 28 plants.  With a baby greens extension kit, it holds up to 52 plants.A Family Garden comes with 3 Tower Garden FLEX units. So you can grow up to 84 plants.A Community Garden includes 12 Tower Garden FLEX units that are 7 sections tall. That means you’re able to grow as many as 336 crops at once!

Where can I grow Tower Garden?

Thanks to its compact, vertical design, Tower Garden HOME and Tower Garden FLEX fit almost anywhere.  But there are a few things to consider when picking a place for yours:

LightFor fruiting crops—such as tomatoes, cucumbers, squash—to be most productive you’ll need full sun (about eight hours daily).Greens, herbs and other vegetable crops tolerate lower light levels. But they’ll be less productive as the amount of light decreases.Many flowers and ornamental plants grow fine in shade. Read seed labels to determine required light levels.Growing indoors?LED indoor grow lightshelp to provide consistent light for your crops.If you are growing outdoors and live in a region with intese summer heat, your plants may appreciate light shade in the mid-afternoon.Water

Since Tower Garden uses water and nutrients rather than dirt to grow plants, access to good, clean water is critical. To avoid damaging your plants, never use heavily chlorinated water, very hard water or softened water.

To remove chlorine, fill a bucket with water and leave it in the sun for 48 hours.To offset hard water, fill your Tower Garden using an RV water filter (available online and at many stores).To remedy softened water, you’ll need a reverse osmosis system. You can purchase a small sink unit for under $200.Alternatively, you can buy bottled water (ideally the 3- or 5-gallon size) to fill your Tower Garden.Electricity

To power the pump (and grow lights if you’re growing indoors) you’ll need an electrical outlet. For safety, always use a waterproof connection when using outdoor extension cords.


From Florida to Alaska, Tower Gardeners grow food in a variety of places and under an array of conditions. We recommend keeping the internal temperature of your Tower Garden between 65–85?F.

If you're growing outdoors there are simple ways to achieve this (e.g., adding frozen water bottles to the reservoir in hot weather, heating your Tower Garden with a water heater in cold weather). Should your conditions become too extreme, growing indoors is always an option as well.

Other Considerations

Tower Garden must be level to work properly (otherwise, plants won’t be watered consistently and the system may leak). So select a spot that’s already level or that can be leveled.

Can I use my own seeds with Tower Garden?

Yes, you may use any type of seed you like. And if you don’t want to start your own seeds, you can also buy seedlings and simply transplant them to your Tower Garden.